Colombia is for the most part very safe and you can go to Malls, shops, Cinemas, etc… and feel very safe. Like many US cities there are parts of town, neighborhoods that you want to avoid. Your hotel concierge/security can help you with guidance. Your Latina and her family will know as well. Avoid these known dangerous areas like the plague and you should be fine.

Leave your expensive stuff behind at home. Wear a Timex rather than a Rolex. Keep your phone in your pocket and don’t use it in public places as much as possible. Smart phones are a favorite for thieves in Colombia. Your Latina will know when and where you will have photo opportunities with your smart phone.

Have your Latina meet you at the airport to help you navigate the taxi confusion. Or make sure your hotel picks you up with a shuttle. If you have to take a cab from the airport, then take one of the yellow cabs in line waiting for travelers. You do not need some guy to take you to a special taxi not in line. Taking that taxi my not be unsafe but you will be paying a lot more than you have to at the very least.
Skinny down your wallet to the following contents: Driver’s license, 1 debit/credit card and a photo copy of your passport. Keep a copy of the US Consulate’s phone number in your wallet and in your phone. Leave your second debit/credit card and passport in the hotel room safe. There is no reason to carry more than $100 dollars or $300,000 pesos on you at any given time.

Be smart about nightlife. Talk to the concierge/security of your hotel about safe nightclubs at night. Your Latina should know where to go for a drink and dancing as well if she has a little maturity to her. If she is 18 to 21, hmmm. How smart were you at that age? If your Latina recommends going with family and friends, good. The protection of the “cloud” is a good thing. Of course, if you would prefer to have a drink with your Latina at the hotel pool, hot tub, bar or balcony in your room, then you are far safer. Avoid heavy drinking! The most unsafe you can make yourself is by becoming a drunk, obnoxious gringo (Gringo is a not so favorable name for men from the US). A drunk gringo at the bar by himself, especially at night, is a favorite target for thieves and worse. A prostitute is often used to lure the drunk gringo into further unsafe situations.

Do not purchase drugs or involve yourself in other illegal activities. You are a foreigner with very few rights in other countries. Extricating yourself from legal issues abroad is very difficult.

If you make smart decisions and plan your time in advance to be in safe places, you will be fine and enjoy your time with your Latina in Colombia.

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Punta Cana and the Caribbean… Well, you are likely at an upscale All-Inclusive with your Latina in a bikini. Why leave the resort or the room for that matter?


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