My July trip was to Cali, Colombia to meet my 20 year old Maria (I am turning 56 in September).  She is very pretty and has the physical traits I adore. 5’0” and 98 pounds dripping wet.

After a few days of interaction on LAC, we graduated to WhatsApp and began communicating frequently almost daily.  Early in the discussion I brought up our age difference and asked if it was a problem.  The answer was obviously no.  After a few weeks of getting to know each other I began to talk about traveling to Cali and asked if she could show me around while we got to know each other better.  After gaining her agreement on dates (See the Planning Your Travel article for more information), I scheduled my flight and hotel.  The flights to Colombia are horrible at best, especially if you have to fly through Bogota, which I did.

Leading up to the flight, I made some minor purchases for gifts for my Maria.  I also made sure plan B and C were available if Maria flaked out on me.  After all, she is 20.  Well she did not flake out on me, completely.  Upon landing in Cali, I texted my gorgeous Latina to let her know “I am here!”  The return text was “My Mother and I are here too”.  Great, 55 year old me gets to meet my 20 year old Latina’s 38 year old Mom right out of the gate!  As it turns out Mom is a very sweet and gracious woman.  They both took me to my hotel and my Latina assisted me with the check in process while her mother sat in the waiting area.  I stayed at the Hotel Spiwak, which is a really nice 4 ½ Star connected to a really large Mall.

After checking my bags, the three of us had a late dinner and drinks and I answered quite a few of Mom’s questions including my daughter’s age (22).  As you would expect, my Latina returned home with her mother later that night.  The following day I was greeted by a cloud of family (Mom, little brother, 17 year old Latina cousin and 40 year old Uncle who was our private cabbie) and we went site seeing, ate lunch, watched a movie, etc… All in all a very nice day with only some hand holding up to this point.

The following day I was invited over for a home cooked Lunch at Mom’s.  It was here where I met 22 year old brother and later 41 year old Dad.  One of my friends, a father of teenage daughters, later told me I was fortunate that Dad and brother did not take me out back and castrate me with a dull spoon.  Perhaps he is right.  After lunch my Latina and I did some more site seeing with the cloud of family from the day before driven by Uncle cabbie.  We also took in a movie at the Mall connected to my hotel.  Again, a very nice day with the major accomplishment being her registering at the hotel so she could join me the following day for breakfast and a day at the pool.

Thankfully hotel rules limit the number of guests you can bring to the hotel pool allowing me to carve my gorgeous Latina out from the cloud of family and my Maria looked great in the slightly undersized bikini I brought her as a gift (for me!).  Later in the evening we were drawn back into the cloud of family for dinner and more site seeing.

The rest of my trip ping ponged from being in the cloud to having some alone time.  My prior experience was with Latinas in mid to late 20s and I had to contend with the cloud of family then as well.  I was not surprised to have to contend with this reality with my 20 year old Maria.

As the end of my trip neared, I began talking to Maria about travelling to Santa Marta or Cartagena. This might sound like a very simple idea to most until you realize she has never traveled far from Cali and certainly not without her parents.  However, after several of weeks of being back home Maria and I have agreed to meet in Cartagena in early September.

Now for some real one on one time!  Look for my post on Cartagena.


Pictures from my adventure:

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