There are a few things to know about Cell/Smart Phones in Colombia. One, they are highly prized by thieves (This is also discussed in the Safety article).  When outside of your hotel/resort, try not to look like a tourist taking pictures.  Your Latina should know where you can take photos.  In fact, let her manage the photos with her phone and she send the photos to you via WhatsApp.

Check with your Cell Phone Carrier to find out what coverage you have in Colombia or other South American/Caribbean destinations.  I have T-Mobile.  I have unlimited data usage in Colombia and can use email, text and WhatsApp at no additional charge, which is good because you need to keep with your other Latinas during your trip to Colombia (There is no rest for the wicked!).  Long distance calls are $0.20 per minute.  However, when I use the hotel’s WIFI, I can make data calls for no additional charge.  This is important if you have to keep up with work (!@#$%!@#$).

If you are fond of your I Phone or Samsung, it might not be a bad idea to purchase a low level smart phone for your Colombian travel.  You want to be focused on your Latina not your phone.


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