When you travel internationally, you have access to the Duty-Free shops.  If you have not heard the term before it means Tax-Free.  If you have not shopped at the Duty-Free shops before, well don’t get excited.  The prices are inflated to the extent that you end up paying more for the products than you could at other venues.

However, if you failed to pick up a bottle of perfume, chocolates or a slightly undersized bikini for your Latina prior to your departure this is your last chance to do so. This is also where you can find your special scotch or bourbon for your hotel room.  Old Par, Buchanan’s and Johnny Walker are pretty common in Colombia but you have to look real hard if you want a single malt or bourbon.

With some goods, you are able to walk away from the counter with your purchase.  With other purchases such as liquor an attendant will hand your goods to you at the gate when you are boarding.

With luck, you have already done your shopping and really don’t need an exotic scotch for your trip.  After all, you are on your way to experience something far more exotic!


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