My most recent trip was this past week (8/30 to 9/5) in Cartagena, Colombia for some needed romance.  I arranged for Maria to meet me at the Hilton Resort in the Bocagrande area, which I highly recommend.  If you have not read my article on my trip to Cali, Maria is a 20-year-old hottie I met earlier in July.  This trip was intended to carve her out of the cloud of family for some alone time and was a complete success.  After making sure I had plans B and C available if necessary, I made some minor purchases on Amazon including some itty-bitty slightly undersized bikinis and perfume for a total of $65.  With that said, I had the pleasure of a very personal and private modeling show on night one.  From there everything just got better.  Cartagena is a unique city with interesting castles and sites to see.  The temperature is really hot, which makes the pool activity a must (You want your Latina in her bikini as often as possible).  The food was fantastic, the hotel was excellent, the pool was great and the company even better. Watching my Maria experience “firsts” with excitement was an unforgettable thrill for me.  Calamari was a first for her and she loved it so much it was a frequent order.  Let me say there is no substitute for youthful enthusiasm (in all settings) and my Maria is almost 1/3 my age.  Enough said!

A little side note.  On one evening, Maria and I were enjoying appetizers and drinks at the hotel bar. There were 3 US business men in their 30s sitting at a table next to us.  As we sat up to leave for our room, one of the fellas just had to comment in English to his friends that the “chick” looks like she is half “his” age.  I chuckled, smiled and responded, in English of course, with “actually she is closer to a third my age”.  We continued on our way without waiting for a response.  A couple of points to make on this.  First, this is the only time I have experienced the age difference stigma in Colombia during my almost 4 years of travel to Colombia and it came from fellow Americans.  Colombian culture does not frown upon male/female age differences.  Second, if you and your Latina travel to US travel destinations expect the stigma to rear its head.  Give your Latina an awareness of this fact if you travel to Mexico or the Caribbean.  Third, most US men don’t know about the absolute goldmine Colombia represents for men seeking younger women for romance.  It is a reality and the lack of competition is unbelievable.

I have plans for a multi-city trip to Colombia in October for some face to face meetings with an 18 year old in Medellin, a 21 year old in Barranquilla and an 18 year old in Pereira.  Should be a gas!  Look for my next post.


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