Welcome to Latindating.guru.  The fact that you are here means you have an interest in pursuing dating, romance and more in Latin America.  If so, our blog and services can help you navigate through the process and help eliminate some of the pitfalls that can occur when you attempt a romantic adventure in a world of some of the most beautiful women on the planet. 

First, why the attraction to Latin women in South America?  Well they are absolutely gorgeous.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some that are not.  However, if you keep track of the Miss Universe pageant results you will find that South American women are frequently winners and more often finalists. There is truly no short supply of very beautiful Latinas. The range of variation in hair color, eye color, skin tone, height and weight is such that there is something for everyone.  Their culture is such that a Latina is raised to be a loyal wife and raise a family.  This means you should experience a relationship with a woman who is more concerned about you rather than herself. Also, her diet and physical activity make her very physically fit and attractive.  The South American culture prioritizes Lunch as the important large meal of the day with a light dinner.  This means the majority of nutrition is used during the course of the day.  Your Latina will likely have to walk as the major means of transportation.  She will do a lot of walking, which translates into great legs and physicality. 

Second, why should she be attracted to you?  There are some obvious reasons such as how good you look standing on your wallet.  However, the lack of competition from South American men is a large reason.  Our counterparts in some of these countries are taught that they are entitled to have a wife to take care of his family and younger mistresses if they are viewed as a man of means.  As you can imagine, this leads to many men viewing themselves as men of means creating a culture of disloyalty among our counterparts.  Many of our counterparts take little to no responsibility for their children due to cultural allowance, lack of jobs and lack of pay for jobs that may exist.  The reputation of men from the US is one that paints us a more loyal and financially responsible.  There is also a novelty for your Latina to have as her boyfriend/lover a foreigner from the US, which increases her esteem in her eyes. 

Third, what is age of the Latina you can date in South American countries?  The legal age of consent is 18 and even if it was not it is the age of consent for the US.  This US law follows you abroad and you could have some major legal problems abroad and back home if this is violated.  Make sure your Latina is 18 or older.  With that said, you should be able to date a woman quite a bit younger than you can in the US.  As an example, if you are 45 and generally date women the age of 40, then you should be able to date a Latina in her early 30’s.  There is potential to date women in their 20’s as well even for men in their 50’s and 60’s but there are some pitfalls that need to recognized and addressed.  Our experience and service helps you navigate through the process. 

Fourth, what do we do to help you?  We help you navigate the online dating services that provide you access to 10’s of thousands of Latinas. Some of the websites are better than others for multiple reasons.  We walk you through the process.  We help you navigate through the communication process.  While it is better for you to be able to speak some level of Spanish, it is not completely necessary.  We help you navigate the travel process to make sure you are able to enter the country of your destination.  We provide you with safety information and guidance.  For example, there are some countries you should avoid. We can make recommendations for 4 star hotels with excellent security.  We are also able to offer our services in traveling with you to help you navigate the almost entire process (you will need to have your own mojo in your hotel room!) 

Fifth, what does all this cost?  Our pricing is listed below: 

  • Assisted travel $2000 per trip per member (Does not include your air and hotel and is limited to one week or less travel.  Additional days may cost more) 

Last, welcome to the world of dating South American Latinas.  This is truly an adventure!  I started my adventure more than 3 years ago and wish I would have started 10 years earlier.  I have seen wonderful places holding the hand of gorgeous young women who are excited for the experience and grateful for the attention of a gentleman.